Maltese Citizenship by Investment

General Information

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IIP- Malta Individual Investor Programme

The citizenship is granted to both EU or non-EU reputable persons, and their dependants, after significant investment is made in Malta and thorough due diligence is provided and approved by the Maltese Government.

Malta being an EU and Shengen member could be very attractive for some.

The process can take up to one year until the final oath is taken and the certificate of naturalisation (citizenship) is issued. 

  There are 3 main stages:


  1.   a.    At the initial stage the applicant files an application with the Maltese Government through an accredited person; 

    b.    If approved the applicant is given a reference number against a non-refundable start up fee of EUR 10,000.
  2. This is the most important stage since the applicant will know whether or not he will be accepted and approved to be granted the Maltese Citizenship

    a.    We now file thorough due diligence on the applicant;
    b.    The Government will approve or reject the applicant within 4 months;
    c.     If approved a Letter of Approval in Principle is issued and the applicant must pay the remaining fee of EUR 640,000 plus expenses within 25days.
  3. Within the next 4 months (or during the first stages) the applicant must make investments in Malta, including but not limited to:

    a.    Purchase property worth EUR 350,000 or more, or rent property of EUR 16,000/ year
    b.    Buy Government bonds/ stocks worth EUR 150,000 or more;
    c.    Global health insurance;
    d.    Prove further links with Malta, for instance club memberships, employing a secretary, opening bank accounts etc.


When all of the above is done and satisfied by the Malta Government, the applicant must come to Malta to take an Oath of Allegiance and is awarded at this point the Certificate of Naturalisation (Citizenship)

The applicant may at this stage submit an application for a Maltese Passport.


Tax treatment

With regard to taxation, if the applicant keeps his domicile of origin then he is taxed at the local rate, with a maximum of 35%, on income remitted to Malta or income arising in Malta.

Should he choose to change his domicile of choice, that is Malta, then he is taxed on his worldwide income on the same rate as above.

However, we understand that Malta Government is discussing new tax incentives for these applicants.


For your information we, as Corporate Services Limited, are accredited persons to introduce applicants to the Malta Government.

Should you require any further information, please let us know.